Obiwan coyote


Let's See What the Storm Brings


Obiwan Coyote singer/songwriter Dan Kirkwood lives in both Alaska and New York City. This band is the product of a long, rich collaboration with friend Tommy Siegel, who add psychedelic textures and wiry dual-guitar interplay to Dan's particular breed of "space country" songs. The band also features Jesse Kristin (also of Jukebox the Ghost) and Steve Perkins, the fun rhythm section that drives these songs. Americana rock music for the open road or the dark end of the bar -- in a galaxy far, far away. Their debut EP is out now.


Vocals, Guitar | Dan Kirkwood
Guitar, Vocals | Tommy Siegel
Bass | Steve Perkins
Drums | Jesse Kristen



Obiwan Coyote

Live at Bitter End 11.29.2017







Obiwan Coyote

by Dan Kirkwood & Obiwan Coyote
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